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    Apple Valley Cider Donuts

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    Apple Valley Cider Donuts

    What is Cider? This question has plagued mankind for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that Cider was the tear drops of a lonely Hesperis, the clear-voiced maidens who guarded the tree bearing golden apples that Gaea gave to Hera at her marriage to Zeus. The Romans believed that Cider was the sweat of Pomona, the Roman goddess and keeper of orchards and fruit trees. And the people of New York believe that Cider was the juice that comes from smashing a bunch of apples. Regardless of where you are from or what you believe, the one thing we can all agree on is that Cider is apple related.

    How can something so perfect as Cider in its simplicity and grace possibly be improved upon? Simple. Make it into a donut. The word donut is derived from the French word "do" which translated to English means "a handheld cake circle with a hole in the middle" and the Spanish word "nut" which of course means "delicious". Add some Cider and a little cinnamon sugar to the mix and you have yourself a winning combination. What else can be said that hasn't already been said? Let's see. Oh, people like Cider Donuts. Especially around New York. But I'd venture they like them in other places, too. What else? Did I mention that we've named the donut character Dusty the Donut? Of course, I hadn't. I can read what I've already written. So here we go. Our round Donut character friend is Dusty the Donut.
    Proudly Made in the the Hudson Valley AKA Apple Valley AKA home of everything Cider.